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Chicago is CHMS's flagship production taking place in February 2020 at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre

A short summary of your project

Welcome to CHMS Chicago YuStart Page.

Thank you so much for visiting our YuStart page. We are aiming to raise £500 to help support and fund our production this upcoming February. We need your help and your donations to make this happen!

Who are you?

CHMS (Central Hall Musical Society) is a Musical Theatre Society based at the University of York. They produce three productions a year- February Flagship Show, Spring Show and Summer Show at external venues as well as 2 on campus showcases in Autumn and Summer term as well as Spring Term's MisCast performances in aid of charitable causes. CHMS is a rapidly growing society and always puts on a fantastic performance wherever it is. This year- our February flagship show is CHICAGO and it will be performed between the 13th-15th February 2020 at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre. 

Your story

In order to make this production possible- we need to raise a significant amount of money to make this happen.

This project enables students from different backgrounds to get involved and help produce an incredible piece of theatre. The cast, crew and and band have been working tirelessly to make this show the best it can be and any donations will significantly improve the quality of the production by helping provide additional funds to purchase specific style shoes and props to help enhance the performance. This project is a large scale production involving approximately 70 students at the University of York many who intend to work within the performing arts industry in the future. Therefore, an opportunity like this to work at a professional community theatre enables Students to have that opportunity of working in a professional theatre environment. All profits go towards funding future productions of CHMS and will help make more performing/producing/backstage opportunities accessible to other students in the future.

Your donations will help support the production by mainly covering the costs of transport of cast and crew to and from the theatre and additional money raised will help support printing costs and the purchase of additional set design materials. Your money will have such a massive impact on the show and every donation is very much appreciated. We are extremely grateful for any donations you can give. 

Where will your money go?

The majority of your money will go towards covering the costs of the transportation of cast and crew to and from the theatre. This will be approximately  £400. The additional money donated by you will be used to cover printing costs of the programmes and posters to ensure publicity for the show. It will also help cover any additional set materials. 


We appreciate any donations you are able to give and we hope you will also come and see the show next month. 

The person who makes the largest donation will receive a ticket free of charge on their day of choice (*Provided there are available seats) 

Images and video

Due to our licensing agreement- we are unable to share videos of our rehearsals however, check out our Social Media Pages for beautiful head shots  and rehearsal photographs of our cast taken by Nathan Barker Photography and learn more about why our Cast and Crew are involved in this production.

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Facebook - CHMS Presents: Chicago 

(This is main source of current information including links to other fundraiser/ tickets for the show and further information) 

Instagram - chms_chicago 

Twitter - @ChicagoChms


Help us succeed!

If you cannot donate to our project- please help us sell as many tickets as you can by sharing links to our tickets on social media/emails/telling your friends and family  about the show

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Please give generously and thank you so much for all of your support!