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Into The Woods

A project by: Annie Roux


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Central Hall Musical Society presents 'Into The Woods'


We are hoping to raise around £1500 for our upcoming production of Into the Woods, which will be held at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York. Into the Woods is a 1987 musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, and book by James Lapine. The musical intertwines the plots of several Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and the consequences of 'after ever after'. We have until 24th February to raise our funds, so require donations urgently! Our cast and production team are working incredibly hard to deliver a heartfelt, unmissable performance - but we won't be able to do it without your help! From the stars onstage to the tireless team behind everything, we would be very grateful for your donations!

Who are WE?

Central Hall Musical Society (CHMS) is the University of York's leading musical theatre society! We are devoted to the production of various shows across campus and the city throughout the year, whilst also being entirely student-run. Every year we put on multiple shows and showcases, as well as a variety of shorter events, such as 24-hour musicals and soirees. Our production team for Into The Woods is as follows: 

Producer: Annie Roux 

Directors: Grace Cronin and Amelia Hargreaves 

Musical Director: Douggie Bradley

A full cast list can be found on our social media: @chmsintothewoods. We will also be posting lots of exciting updates as rehearsals progress, so follow us to keep up to date!

Where will the money go?

All of the money raised will be contributed towards this fabulous show, from costumes and set, to travel and venue hire costs! Every penny is appreciated and will help our show become the best it can possibly be! 

The majority of costs will go towards fuelling the production team's creative vision - the Joseph Rowntree theatre will be like you've never seen it before! To see exactly how the money has been spent, why not come join us in the woods when tickets go on sale?

Find us here

Our social media accounts are the best place to keep up to date with our progress, and see how your donations are being used! 

Find us on Instagram @chmsintothewoods, where we'll be posting frequent updates on rehearsals, and to be the first to find out when tickets go on sale!

Help us succeed!

While we would be incredibly grateful for any donations, if you aren't able to donate, please share our project with anybody you think would support us! The more people who know about our endeavour, the more successful it can become! Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or simply word of mouth - we would appreciate all the support we can get! 

Remember to also buy your tickets! Tickets are now available - look at the updates tab to find out more!