Chris's 24 Hour Movie Marathon

A project by: Chris Bartlett


WE RAISED £1,000

from 63 donors

Raising funds for Mentally Fit York

I'm doing a 24-hour charity movie marathon to support York Unlimited’s Mentally Fit York fund!

I'm aiming to raise awareness of mental health issues, which has had a big effect on our family, and which is a growing public health issue, being one of the main causes of overall disease burden, worldwide.

The Mentally Fit York fund aims to reduce and prevent cases of poor mental health at all stages of life. It does this through funding research in mental health, as well as helping develop practitioners through scholarships for mental health nurses.

For more information see here.

The 24-hour Movie Marathon Challenge

When? 11am on 10/9/20 to 11am(ish) on 11/9/20

Where? Sofa at home

Who? Me - I'll be live tweeting and live streaming so you can join me if you like

Which films? YOU CHOOSE!

For every £1 you donate, you get 1 vote, so £5 = 5 votes or £20 = 20 votes, you don't have to vote, you can just donate if you like, but where's the fun in that?

How do I vote?

You vote for which film(s) you want me to watch by messaging me (text or email:

Which films?

I will watch the films with the most votes (probably about 10 films in total, whatever adds up to 24 hours) - I've put together a list of films I haven't seen here, that's a good place to start:

Erm, you haven't seen Jurassic Park?!

No - you may like to choose from the list above, or suggest any yourself (I will add these to the list so others can choose them too)

What does the list cover?

Broadly speaking, more recent films, horror films and poorly reviewed films (hello The Emoji Movie)

You've not seen some classics! How have you not seen Jaws? And you call yourself a movie buff.

I don't really do monster movies (I know, I know, Jaws isn't about a shark) - you can give all your votes to one film (like Jaws), or spread them around a bit (like all the Twilight films)

Can I just vote for you to watch rubbish films?

Of course - that's half the fun

How have you not seen Apollo 13?....Or Bambi?!

I've probably just gone down in your estimation a bit with that list, so this is your chance to help rectify that, and to raise awareness and money for a great local cause.

Please give what you can. :)