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Each Our Own Devil- Third Year TFTV Student Film

A project by: Tom Leatherbarrow


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This project received pledges on Thu 05 Feb 2015
The power of christ compels you... to support a bold and subversive student film

crew showreel

Above is a showreel of the crews most recent work. Collectively we have experience in making short films to be proud of across a whole range of genres. Help us make something better!

each our own devil

Each Our Own Devil is a short film due to be shot in early February 2015. It is a surreal black comedy thriller drama horror break up film (and believe me, that's the most concise way I can put it). This film examines relationships, break ups, lesbianism, the church and what happens if your girlfriend runs offwith the devil.

WHY are we making it?

This project is the final film we will make after three very hard years at University. It is the final product of everything we've learnt before we go off and be struggling filmmakers and TV-makers for the rest of our lives. It is the film we can use on our showreels, enter into film festivals and use forever more to try and sneak our ways into the industry. But mostly we're making this film because we all love filmmaking and want to make something beautiful, intellectually stimulating, emotionally affecting and that will resonate and excite audiences. But we can't do it without money, unfortunately, and that's why we're here...


Ani wakes in the middle of the night to find her girlfriend, Saffi, packing her bags to leave, with burn and scratch marks all over her body. She reluctantly tells Ani that she has been having an affair with the devil and is leaving her. Distraught and deluded, Ani convinces herself that Saffi has been possessed by the devil, and recruits the help of an exorcist to try and purge the non-existent evil spirit from her ex-girlfriend....

An original short film, created entirely by students from fits first conception to its first screening. Each Our Own Devil will be subversive, scary, dark, funny and affecting in equal measure... we hope. We want to make a film that's bold and different and that actually has something to say about society and relationships. 

Below is the very first mood board we ever put together for the film, to give you a visual aid of the aesthetic and tone we want to create. To follow the progress of the development of the visuals of the film, follow the link to our Facebook or Twitter at the bottom of the page. 

the crew                                                                        

The crew are a group of third year Film and Television Production students from the University of York-- here are some pictures of them in action....

Producer- Gaby Ash 

Director- Tom Leatherbarrow

Director of Photography- Eva Perkins

Writer- Sam Boullier

Production Manager/ 1st AD- Emily Booth 

Production Designer- Steph Carter

Sound Designer- Stewart Crank 

Editor- Marnie Clark 

Colourist and VFX Artist- Ellie Ashworth 

Where will the money go?

Films cost loads of money. Too much money. A silly amount of money. We're trying to keep costs down but its not possible to do it all for nothing. The money we're trying to raise will go into all areas of production: set, costume, equipment hire, location costs, food for cast and crew, travel, make-up, and most importantly: coffee. In total, we estimate we'll need about £1500 as our end budget. Where we can we will beg, borrow, steal, scrimp and save but inevitably some things just cost money...

Out of £700 we aim and hope and pray to raise via YuStart, here is a break down of where your money will go: 


-- £200 will go towards costumes. Our incredible talented costume designer will be making costumes from scratch, as well as buying in items where necessary.

-- £50 will go towards prosthetics. To create the surreal, dark underworld we wish to create-- burn marks, cuts, scratches, blood, etc.

-- £350 will go towards set-- we need to build an exorcist's arena! As well as location costs and room hire. This can be pricey in itself-- paying owners of locations for time and inconvenience.


-- The extra £100 will go toward equipment hire. Our Director of Photography is hiring a mini jib-- a sort of crane that you attach the camera to with a counterweight on the other end. This is essential to creating the right look and adding production value to the film. 

If we are lucky enough to raise more money than we need, the money will then go on promoting the film and entering it into film festivals after it has finished.

PLEASE DONATE!!! (please)

Please, please, please donate-- any amount of money will help us massively-- if 50 people donated £2 we would have enough to hire the extra equipment we need for the shoot. If 100 people donated £2 we would have enough for our costume budget. If 200 people donated £2 we would have enough for our set and £50 to spend on booze after the shoot... I'm joking of course, but we really can't make this project without your help and this is a film we have been working extremely hard on, and are incredibly passionate about. I am privileged to be working with 8 extremely talented crew members and the only obstacle standing in the way of us making something truly wonderful is money. And if I can't persuade you, then let Morrisey... 

If you can't support us financially we still want to see your face in cyber space. Give us a like/follow at...

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/eachourowndevil2015


All support is massively appreciated. 

For any enquiries, questions or opportunities contact us at: eachourowndevil@gmail.com

Thankyou so much, 
Tom (Director)