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The Family and Friends of Emily Fairhurst

A project by: Thomas Cronin


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This project received pledges on Wed 05 Jan 2022
Life is a journey we take together

When Emily Fairhurst’s life starts to fall into disarray she must attend therapy and work through her issues before she misses out on her fashion designer dreams. 

Welcome to Our project

Our short film, "The Family and Friends of Emily Fairhurst" is a comedic drama that follows the story of Emily, a young lady from a coastal town in the North of England, as she struggles through the trials and tribulations of young adulthood. She dreams of pursuing a life as a fashion designer in Milan, but life keeps getting in the way which leads her to seek help from a therapist. As we follow her therapy journey we will see the characters and experiences that have shaped Emily into the woman she is and find out whether or not she can become the woman she wants to be.

Through this film we hope to approach topic of mental health amongst young adults in a sensitive and engaging manner so as to create a healthy discourse amongst our audience. The topic of mental health is something our crew takes very seriously and many of our creative decisions will be inspired by our own experiences dealing with mental health. Our aim is that it is not only Emily who is healing but the audience as well! So any donation you can make will help us to achieve our aims and make the best film possible. 

Our Crew

Where will the money go?

Production Design - £750

To make the world of Emily Fairhurst come alive we need to buy costumes, dress our sets and buy props. 

Locations - £300

We want our film to look as impressive as possible so we need to rent out realistic looking locations in and outside of York. 

Transport- £400

For our further away locations we'll have to hire a van to transport our crew and kit.

Catering- £350

A well fed crew is a productive one and we want to have our production run as smooth as possible.

Accommodation- £400

Overnight accommodation will sometimes be necessary for actors and crew on our out of York shoots.  

Contingency- £300

We like to think our planning is spot on, but filming is a tricky business and hidden costs often pop up so we've worked a small contingency into our budget. 


For our amazing donors there are many fun and interactive rewards available to help bring you closer to the project. These can be found on the right hand side of our page!

Our Socials

Give us a follow and feel free to contact us to keep up to date with how the project's going! 

Instagram: Emilyfairhurstfilm

Facebook: Emilyfairhurst

Email: Emilyfairhurstfilm@gmail.com

Final Words

Thank you so much for checking out our page today and if you're not quite able to donate today we'd be ever grateful if you could share our page on social media. All the best,

- The Cast and Crew of Emily Fairhurst