Feilden Centenary Scholarship for Conservation

A project by: Louise Calf


WE RAISED £3,683

from 28 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 27 Jan 2020

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Just pledged £130 received from the student cash donations at the bookstall event today - thank you so much to everyone who contributed there and with online pledges. Altogether we raised over £150 today! Gill

Happy New Year and wishing everyone a wonderful year to come in 2020! It's terrific to see that our crowdfunding for the Feilden scholarhsip has now raised well over £1000 - please keep the support going and pass on the link to encourage as many sponsors as we can. If all our conservation alumni from the last 45 years pledged just a small sum, we'd raise £1000s more!

Brilliant that we have reached our minumum target today!! So many thanks to everyone who has generously donated so far.

So wonderful to have an opportunity for me to study my PhD at York. I am so delighted to contribute to other students. I hope more students could get valuable benefit by imporving their knowledge and skills in York.

Great to see the funding campaign getting started, well done to everyone involved!