Celebrating Heidi and Thomas's 25th Wedding Anniversary

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Help us celebrate our wedding anniversary by donating to the York Opportunity Scholarships fund

Thomas and I have both worked in a University setting for most of our careers and love what we do. We firmly believe in the many benefits of a University education and would like to give others the opportunity to experience it. The University of York is committed to supporting students who come from all backgrounds to excel in higher education, and it does so with the help of the University's alumni and friends through the support of charitable causes at York.

To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, instead of gifts we're asking for donations to be made in support of the University's York Opportunity Scholarship fund.

About the Scholarship

The York Opportunity Scholarship is designed to recgonise the significant barriers that some people face to accessing higher education. Through an award of £3,300 paid over 3 years of undergraduate study, the York Opportunity Scholarship aims to encourage students from all backgrounds to excel at York. For some people, the York Opportunity Scholarship means they can purchase specialist equipment to help them adapt to studying with their disability, for others it's about subsidizing childcare costs, and for some the Award means that they can avoid using foodbanks, but however the money is used, any recipient of a York Opportunity Scholarship will tell you how great a difference it makes to their sense of security and wellbeing.

You can find our more about the Scholarship, and some of the people that have been helped through it, here.

Please help us celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary by making a gift to the York Opportunity Scholarships fund.