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Freedom Folly

A project by: Sarah Robinson


WE RAISED £2,620

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This project received donations on Wed 08 Jan 2020
A dark comedy set in the fictional world of a revived gameshow.

A short summary of our project

We are trying to raise £2500 in order to create our TV show, Freedom Folly. 

Freedom folly is a colourful and over-the-top gameshow, with the ultimate prize, your life! However, it actually isn't a gameshow at all, it's a horror story masquerading as such. The entire thing is scripted, and it tells the story of 5 unlucky contestants who are being tricked by an eccentric presenter into competing in games for their life. 

Who are we?

Our story

We are very passionate about this project, not only because it is part of our degree, but because it could be our gateway into the industry. We believe that with your help we could make this project good enough to attract the attention of industry professionals. 

Where will the money go?

Any contributions to the project will go towards:

Purchasing any props or material for costumes, which are being made from scratch

Purchasing materials for building sets 

Making the games come to life 

Location costs 

Covering actor expenses e.g. catering, transport 

And all other things that will help us make the project as good as we know it can be! 


We have various rewards planned, in a variety of forms. The size of the donation will depict the size of the reward. 

£10 - Digital download of all 3 episodes of Freedom Folly 

£25 - Digital download of all 3 episodes of Freedom Folly and stickers 

£50 - Your face featured as part of the set (Optional) as well as a digital download of all 3 episodes of Freedom Folly

£75 - Signed scripts as well as the above prizes 

£100 - Your name in the credits as well as all prizes above

£200 - A personalised Freedom Folly contestant costume and all the above prizes

Find us here

Facebook - @Freedomfollytvshow https://www.facebook.com/FreedomFollyTvShow/

Instagram - @Freedom.folly https://www.instagram.com/freedom.folly/