WWII Short Film about PTSD

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Who We Are:

We're a passionate team of MA Filmmaking students from University of York, dedicated to telling powerful stories that resonate deeply.

  • Arnav Agarwal - Director & Writer
  • Ajeet Anand - Cinematographer
  • Aayush Singhal - Editor

Our project team is fueled by creativity, dedication, and a shared commitment to storytelling.

Our Story:

"God and Country" is a tale of a soldier grappling with intense PTSD after the ravages of World War II. Seeking solace and redemption, he turns to his father, a priest and exorcist. As they grapple with their own inner demons, their paths intersect in a powerful and poignant way.

It’s a story of faith, redemption, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his son. It's a psychological horror which tests the bond between a father and son, a soldier and a priest. 

Why It Matters:

This project isn't just about making a film; it's about sparking conversations, raising awareness, and fostering empathy. By supporting "God and Country," donors will play a vital role in shining a light on the impact of trauma on our veterans. 

Where Your Money Goes:

With your help, we'll cover essential costs such as production expenses, location fees, and post-production.

Every contribution, no matter the size, fuels our mission to bring this compelling story to fruition.


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