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Mental Health Placement in India at NIMHANS and the School of Ancient Wisdom

summary of  my project

In July 2018, I hope to be travelling to India on a Clinical and Ancient Psychology Programme with SLV Global. I hope to raise £950 to go towards the program and the flights for my volunteering project in India. SLV Global provide Psychology students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Their focus is on global mental health and on supporting the existing resources in the communities where they work.

I will be studying at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) followed by gaining knowledge and experience in the practices that the School of Ancient Wisdom teach, and how these two different aspects of treatment can work together to help people with mental health issues.

With your help, I could be a part of this program and I feel that this experience will be very beneficial, not just to myself, but to the community in which I will work and will help to raise awareness of mental health issues, supporting the longevity of treatments/support, which I feel is essential.

Who am I?

I am a Psychology Student at the University of York who has been offered this incredible opportunity to help support communities within India with mental health, which is something I am devoted to. Mental health does not discriminate and is a global problem and I would appreciate the opportunity to help with the promotion of different types of treatment and join the worldwide campaign to stop the stigma around mental health.

My Story

This trip to two fantastic healing organisations in India is the opportunity of a lifetime. Once I saw that I could go to India and contribute to the brilliant work that SLV Global do, I felt so motivated to try to find the funds to be a part of it. Mental health is such an important area of research and finding more treatments that work is crucial for people across the world. Specifically in India, 4.5% of people suffer from depression and 7.5% of people suffer from mental illness in total.

The School of Ancient Wisdom explores holistic remedies while NIMHANS explores the neuroscience of mental health. The experience of being educated within these two areas from professionals in their respective fields is once in a lifetime, not only would it benefit me in both my career and personal life, it could contribute to helping the wider community.

This will not only give me very valuable work experience for my future career, but SLV Global pride themselves in supporting the local community and ensuring that mental health support in sustained in the areas we volunteer and beyond. With the support of very generous people I could make this project a reality.

Where will the money go?

I am hoping to raise £950 to go towards my project. The total overall the project will cost me is just over £2000, the placement fee is £1200 and the flights are just under £800. After that I will need to pay for a visa which is around £60 plus any money to spend while I am in India. The placement fee includes bed and breakfast and all travel costs within the cities we visit. If I raise more than my target, it will go towards the extra costs listed above. The rest of the cost of the trip will come from my personal funds as I have worked hard to save some money to be a part of this experience, and your support could make it happen!

Help me succeed!

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Please consider making a donation to this project and thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and this fantastic trip! Have a look on the rewards you could gain from making a donation and thank you in advance for your support.