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Where is home?


Welcome to the fundraising page for our 3rd year Film project. We are all very excited about making this film after so many months of online teaching! In order to make this happen, we are hoping to raise £2500 for this project that will allow us to realise our creative goals.

The Story

Homebound is a coming of age, surreal story about Ruby who returns home after a long time abroad only to discover that every trace of her past existence has mysteriously vanished and she must now make sense of how to cope. We really want to explore the idea that a home is wherever you make rather than a fixated place which is an idea we felt resonated with being away from home at university especially with many of the crew being abroad.

Any amount of donations will be greatly appreciated with the film being a surrealist film, a stable finance will allow us to liberate all our creative ideas to provide a truly memorable experience for the audience


Where will the money go?

Transportation  £875

This will make up the majority of our budget as we have many scenes that are set in different locations so this will allow us to transport our equipment, cast and crew to these places safely.

Location £500

Hiring locations can be costly. Your donations will help us secure a house as well as other locations that will show her whole journey.

Production design £375 

With our film having a surrealist element, we will have to buy materials and design the set. We will also make sure that Ruby and the other characters have the costumes and props that will reflect their personalities!

Specialist equipment  £250

Apart from the equipment we are provided, we might also need to hire other specialist equipment to ensure that our director of photography will be able to reach her full potential.

Catering £250

Long hours of filming can be extremely tiring! We must ensure that our cast and crew are well-fuelled throughout the production.

Contingency- £250

Unfortunately, accidents do happen even if you try to minimise it. Therefore, we are setting aside part of our budget to ensure we won't be caught short.

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