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In Two Minds

A project by: Callum Dziedzic



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This project received pledges on Mon 02 Mar 2015
A short film about murder, consciousness and our moral decisions.

Who am I?

My name is Callum Dziedzic, I am the writer, director and producer of the film. 
When I was 14, I bought my first copy of Filmmaker Magazine and since then I've been hooked on filmmaking! I have previous experience as a writer and director for the National Youth Film Academy but this is my biggest a most ambitious project to date.
In response to this, I have curated a excellent team of collaborators who will I will work alongside me and together we will ensure that all the money you invest will be well spent. 

My Project 'In Short'

I'm raising £500 in order to produce 'In Two Minds' a short film which I have written and intend to direct in early March. It is a tale of death, morality and guilt that aims to use subtle elements of fantasy to help visualise the notion of the conscience. It will be a visceral experience with a strong moral message. 

Our main character is Emma, a young woman who is riddled with guilt after accidentally killing her husband in jealous rage. Initially, she flees the scene and attempts to clean the blood from her hands. When this doesn't go entirely to plan she enters a nearby forest in a bid to bury the evidence. In doing so, she unexpectedly digs up her husband's body, only this time he is alive, free from wounds and ghostlike - a projection of Emma's conscience haunting her. 

But how will her conscience react and will it be enough to compel Emma to make the right decision and accept the consequences for her actions?  

Where Will Your Money Go?

We have been granted permission to shoot at a great location just outside of the city of York. In addition to this, the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at York University is supplying us with a brilliant digital cinema camera, lighting, sound and grip equipment, but there are other costs of production we need to cover. This is where you come in. We need help with: 

-  Transport - Van hire and petrol expenses to help move our equipment and crew to and from the various locations. This is something we definitely need help with ~ £180

- Generator Hire - In order to power the lights for the outdoor scenes in the film ~ £60

- Catering - Food the cast and crew ~ £40

- Expendables - Including gaffer tape, pens, batteries etc. ~ £20

If we exceed our minimum goal the extra funds will be used to make the film even more awesome, we'll have the ability to hire a smoke machine for that added fantasy feel as well as buying all the correct costumes and props to give a truly authentic film. Please help us make this a reality! 

Please take a look at our great rewards and pledge whatever you can. 

To stay up to date with our progress please go to our Facebook page: 

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