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It's A Man's Game

A project by: Bethany Ferry


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Exploring the future of women's football - is it a man's game?

"it's a man's game"

Graeme Souness of Sky Sports recently said on live TV, "it's finally a man's game again". After winning the Euros, women's football was finally excited for a new outlook on the sport, but clearly (thank you Graeme) there's still a lot of work to be done. 

We are making a documentary about the future of women's football in light of the Euros win this past summer, and everything - from sports bras to sexists, that could be holding us back. This documentary means a lot to us as a crew, as most of us are women in 'men's sports', so any donation you are able to give will go a long way in helping to make our vision a reality. 

Here's a note from our director, Beth:

We are raising money to be able to create a documentary about women's football. Having played since I was a young girl, it has often been a constant battle to not get disheartened by all of the abuse and stigma within and surrounding the sport. So, when I watched our girls bring it home this summer, it meant so much more for me and thousands of girls and women across the country and globally than just 'football coming home'. We are aiming high with our aspirations to get the best stories, and create a positive narrative that I didn't have available to me growing up, about women's football.  

Who are we?


We are Beth, Milly, Ella, Freya and Joe: 3rd year Film and TV Production students at the University of York and we need YOUR help to create something that can change the opinions of women's football, as well as bringing to light some of the very exciting new changes that are happening because of the success of the Euros. This is for our final year projects, but this is about so much more than our grades; we're so passionate about creating something amazing, and we can only do that with the help of your donations. 

Why we need you!

All donations will go towards investigating - whether that be travelling to locations such as the Emirates Stadium or St James' Park, deep-diving into archive footage, interviewing current or aspiring female footballers, or simply touring the York City FC stadium - the sky is the limit and the more donations we receive, the more contributors we can reach out to and, ultimately, the more stories we can tell. Our budget will primarily be split between travel and accommodation costs, hiring of specialist equipment and getting the best contributors we possibly can. 


In return for your donations, we will post regular updates about the progress of filming and production (who knows, you may help us meet some really cool people!). We would be so grateful for any support you can give us, check out our list of rewards for donations!

where you can find us!

As well as getting your updates from here, you can follow us on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter @itsamansgamedoc

Or, if you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to the Documentary itself (maybe you manage a girls' grassroots football team, or your sister is Beth Mead...) - whether that be talking to us on camera yourself or providing us with contact information, then please get in touch with us at itsamansgamedoc@gmail.com

We know times are hard right now and you absolutely do not have to give money in order to support us! Just by sharing this project with people you know and helping us gain interest is enough! We are all set on making this something to be proud of, and by being involved you can help tell a story that is so vital for women, and the game of football, thank you.