Langwith College takes on the Short York Walk

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3 years, 8 months ago

We have been busy getting in our miles and are happy to say we have surpassed our 300 mile target! We're now at around 348 miles with more to come!! 

For anyone missing Langwith, have a watch of our video to keep up your spirits!!

Thank you to all who have shared and donated so far!

Langwith love x

3 years, 8 months ago

It's been another great week for the team! We've clocked in 146 miles so far - nearly half way there!!

Today we introduce our college team - Jonny, Suzanne and Rosie.

Jonny has been wandering at the weekends and may have come across a very special mascot .. yes, you've guessed it ... The Langaroo!! The Langaroo will make their appearance in the next couple of weeks ... keep a look out!!

Suzanne and her Langrador, sorry, Labrador, Alfie have been litter picking on the coast every day! A great way to do something for the environment whilst also clocking in those miles for the team!! Great effort Suzanne and Alfie!!

Rosie's tactic is to simply set off and explore. No particular route and no particular destination. So far it's proved a great tactic as Rosie has found some lovely new routes around York to explore!

We will be adding more updates soon, and are looking forward to releasing a video of our time so far doing the Short York Walk.

Finally to finish with, thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Your donations mean a lot to us and to our students!!


3 years, 8 months ago

We're one week in! And we've already walked.....  wait for it...

87.75 miles! 

So to introduce some of our team:

James and Kathryn are on the Langwith College Student Association. They have already covered quite a few miles, and have got into the Langwith spirit by wearing the new and upcoming Langwith merch! 

Abi and Carla are also on the LCSA. Abi loves the community feel in Langwith and is doing the walk as a way to keep engaged with the college whilst we are unable to be together, as well as to raise money for an important cause!

Carla came across some lovely little plaques whilst on her walk...

Abi and Carla have made a Spotify playlist to listen to whilst they walk! You can tune into it here!

We will be back soon with more introductions and more team updates!