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Give Langwith 'Room to Grow'

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This project received pledges on Fri 04 Sep 2015
5 years, 11 months ago


Yesterday we went on a site visit to see the (soon to be common) rooms! Flooring has gone down and they've started plastering the walls in the Horsfield A room. In Taylor B, they've removed all the old bike racks and started to put in the partition walls for the two study rooms at the back.


They are speeding along with the conversions and we hope that new windows and doors will be fitted early next week! 

We're hoping to do a couple more site visits before they're completed, so we'll keep you updated! 

Check out some of the photos:

5 years, 11 months ago


Construction on our two new common rooms has officially started! Before they were just a bin store and a bike shed but by September they’ll be havens for events, societies and community. We cleared out all of the bins and bikes and now the workmen have moved in. We’re really excited to show you the progress they make over the next few weeks and keep you up to date with all the things we’re buying to put in them!

This is what the Horsfield A room looks like now:

Hopefully it won't look like this when students get back in September!

5 years, 11 months ago


Today we can release the blueprints for the second social space to be converted in Langwith over the summer! On a side note, as of this week the University have officially confirmed funding for both common rooms! So by the time new freshers come, we can now guarantee you should have two brand new areas to create and build community for all to use!!

The second of the social spaces will be located under Taylor B and the majority will be a large room for activities. If we reach our fundraising target, we’ll kit out this activity space with pool tables, air hockey, body form bean bags and more! Located off the main room will be three smaller bookable rooms with computers, music equipment and study space.

We hope that providing a space for activities will encourage societies to host more events on Hes East. This will help to create a better atmosphere on our campus.


6 years ago

Today, for our first campaign update, we're pleased to reveal the blueprints what our Common Rooms are set to look like! We're (hopefully) due to get two rooms in the College, one under Horsfield A, the other under Taylor B.

Horsfield A, the slightly smaller of the two, will house what will primarily be a social and chill-out space, filled with sofas, comfy beanbags, tables and chairs, as well as AV sets of games consoles, DVD players and outputs hooked up to a TV and projector. The room is also planned to have a kitchenette space for the College team, Tutors and LCSA to finally host Free Food Thursday somewhere better than in a kitchen in someone's house! We'll be hosting so many new events and activities here, and can't wait for people, both on and off-campus, to have somewhere of our own Langwith students can both work and collab, but also relax, unwind and socialise in.

Check it out!

We'll release the prints for our larger Common Room and future activity space under Taylor B in the near future! Langwith love!

Looks amazing! Love the idea of a kitchenette!