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Like Living

A project by: Brittany Borkan


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This project received pledges on Tue 12 Jan 2016
A captivating sci-fi thriller about social media that cannot be ignored

THE film

Like Living tells the story of Emma, an 18-year-old living in a futuristic institution that makes her fabricate the perfect life to gain ‘likes’ on social media. Her dreams of wealth and celebrity living begin when she reaches 1 million ‘likes’ but at her current rate that will be years off.  When a new way of gaining ‘likes’ presents itself Emma questions how far she’ll push herself to be able to start living?

Although set in the future, Like Living explores the idea of coming of age in a digital world raising questions about our current social climate. With 9 out of 10 of us having our smartphones by our side at all times, Like Living poses a fictional world which may be not too far from our own.

meet the team

We are a group of 8 enthusiastic and dedicated film students from the University of York. After two and half years of studying, watching and filming, we are ready and prepared to begin our final cinema project on the course.  

We were all drawn in by Like Living’s captivating story, exploring worries about the technological society we live in today.  Our strengths are varied and come together to create an efficient and creative team. 

Not only will Like Living tell a captivating story about social media use that we cannot ignore, but it will also challenge and improve us as filmmakers and content creators, both technically and morally.


Emma’s story must be told now as our world is rapidly digitalised in every aspect. The technological advances have economic, industrial and increasingly socially. The number of interactions over the Internet is skyrocketing, with the ‘digital’ generation spending more hours on social media than sleeping. 

With Like Living we hope to create an innovative and poignant film that draws attention to the power of social media. By donating to Like Living, even just a couple of pounds, you can help power a much larger revolution of social media awareness. 


We hope to create a viable futuristic world in which Emma is trapped inside. This will require building an artificial institution cell and corridors helped by the use of special visual effects. The elaborate scenic design is extremely important to achieve an authentic film world. 

Achieving our minimum funding target will enable us to focus our budget on set requirements and actors’ expenses. However, if we reach our full target we will be able to invest in high quality industry-standard camera kit, a much more detailed set and costumes, plus a bit of food for our cast and crew too!

Budget Breakdown:

Actor Expenses 13% = £260 (travel from London to York and a week’s accommodation)

Set 20% = £400 (building 3x3 cube set for Emma’s cell/corridor/photo studio)

Anamorphic Lens Hire 22.5% = £450 (high quality lenses for technical and visual excellence)

Costume/Props/Set Dressing/Make up 22.5% = £450 (Emma’s work overalls and materialistic items used in her photo shoots)

Catering 10% = £200 (because biscuits are a necessity on set)

Post-Production 5% = £100 (backing up our footage is so important)

Distribution & Rewards 2.5% = £50 (delivering our generous supporters with rewards)


A computer-generated set design for Emma’s cell.


We aim to provide weekly updates on our progress as we battle through pre-production, filming and post-production. You can be fully connected with our journey through our social media accounts and website where we will be posting blog posts and exclusive sneak peaks of Like Living.

Twitter: @LikeLivingMovie

Facebook: Like Living Movie

Instagram: @likelivingmovie

Website: Like Living Website


We understand that not everyone can donate but you can still help us just by spreading the word. Sharing this project will help raise awareness of the dangerous effects social media can have to a much wider audience and hopefully will urge people to be wary of what they post and view online.

Please share our project with anyone you think would be interested in Emma’s story - as proven just one ‘like’ can make all the difference.