A Memorial for our beloved Long Boi

A project by: YUSU President


WE RAISED £5,347

from 337 donors

Help us fund the installation of a statue commemorating the best boi


It is with the greatest sadness that we have had to announce the passing of the most cherished member of the York community, our beloved Long Boi.

For many, Long Boi was much more than just a very long duck or just another University mascot. His 2’4” brought a smile to all of us, allowing us to see that it was okay to be a bit different, and for that, we miss him already. He adorns our merch, features on our social media, and is a cornerstone of the community - his loss will be widely felt and we know he can never be replaced.

He was loved by all and a true celebrity, rubbing shoulders (or necks) with the likes of James Corden and Greg James. His Royal Löngthness was the King of Campus West, the ruler of the lake, the pride and joy of students. Although Long Boi became a pop cult icon for many, his popularity also brought into the mainstream the importance of looking after our animal neighbours on campus and protecting wildlife.


We have been inundated with requests from students and the wider Long community to preserve the memory of Long Boi for all past, present and future. We want to ensure that everyone, whether students, staff, or members of the Long community, can reminisce about times spent with Long Boi and continue sharing the joy of the Löngth with others for years to come.

Many will remember seeing Long Boi around campus. We want to commission and install a to-scale memorial of our cherished Boi for all to enjoy. We need your help to make this possible through your donations. 

Our goal with this fundraiser is to collect enough donations to give our Boi the statue and recognition he truly deserves. Long Boi was held in such high esteem by so many, and we want to make sure our memorial reflects this. £10,000 is our maximum target and will give Long Boi the best of the best. We know that that is asking for a lot though, so are proposing a tier system of fundraising. Our goals are: 

  • Under £1,000 - a donation to a good cause within the university
  • £1,000 - £2,000 - a memorial bench with a plaque in Long Boi's memory
  • Over £2,000 - a bespoke statue of Long Boi to be installed on campus

In all cases, any excess funds will be donated within the University to either Mentally Fit York because of the joy Long Boi brought to our community or to a Travel Abroad Award in the form of a York Futures Scholarship named after Long Boi. 


We hope many of you will choose to donate so that Long Boi’s memory is kept alive for generations of students to come. We know that not everyone will be able to contribute financially, however. If you’re not able to, please, help us spread the word so that this reaches the people who can.

Thank you so much to all those helping us make this a reality. Long live Long Boi.