A Memorial for our beloved Long Boi

A project by: YUSU President


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I'd love to see the status of the Long Boi on the campus.

Only met you a few times but enjoyed seeing you around campus and feeding you on occasion. RIP LongBoi - you leave a lengthy gap that will be impossible to fill

Blessed by his longthness

We visited him often during lockdown and seeing his longthy yoga brought us joy. Be a brave boi for Long Boi.

Always loved to see the Boi, we will miss his kingly presence. Alastair, Marina, James and Melanie D from Kent

Rest in peace, feathered friend, and thanks for all the joy you brought to everyone.

Sad to loose such a d*cking fabulous York campus mascot. His long neck is long lost. He was a duck with quackitude, happy to put up with fowl Yorkshire weather and with a bill bigger than a Courtyard bar tab. Live, laugh, longth.

Such a good idea. He'll be greatly missed.

Wish we can have this lovely statue

I will go back to visit the statue of long boi after several years. Please do not let me down. Peace and love for long boi.

If I don't see a statue of long boi on campus, I'm gonna be very disappointed...

RIP King

Goodbye, longest of Bois.

Rest in pond longeth of bois 😢

Rip to longboi

We had the pleasure of meeting Long Boi. Such a wonderful experience.

Long Boi arrived just after I graduated but I was lucky to meet him twice when visiting. Ended up bringing extended family members to meet him too. God bless the York ducks and all they did for my mental health. Stay long my friend o7

I will never forget his lemgth

Donation from Team PGCE whose offices are right next to where Long Boi used to hang out!

My family and I visited Long Boi regularly and are so sad that he is gone. He brought joy to everyone and will be missed.

As a former student I think Long Boi should have a magnificent memorial, whilst we never managed to see him, he touched so many lives in the UoY community.

As an alumnus of York University (1992-5) Deputy President Welfare & Academic Affairs (1995-6) I was so pleased to see Long Boi's legacy remembered. Ducks and geese are an important part of the student experience at York - especially when they are Long or indeed Chonky bois. RIP.

We will remember him. The city will never be the same again

A fine Boi indeed he will be missed

Longboi meant a lot to me. I’ve been feeding him and the other fowl on campus since my first year. This is a great project and I’m happy to help anyway I can!

He deserves the best

Live, laugh, löngth ❤️