In Memory of Professor Mark Ormrod

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Mark was a remarkable person and a great scholar.

Mark was always such a kind colleague to me, and I know how dearly missed he is on campus and beyond, from York to Kalamazoo and so many places around the world where students and colleagues have settled. He is fondly remembered by so many York alumni. A few years back I asked a History alumnus about his motivations for setting up a scholarship for Masters students at York. He said, “If one or two of the students I support go on to achieve the academic success and be the ambassador for York that Mark Ormrod has been, then I will be very satisfied”. Just one example of many I’m sure of Mark and the example he set inspiring and helping others.

Mark was a great scholar and very kind man. He supported me in my own work, and so many other students and colleagues. May he rest in peace.

Honoring a friend and great scholar.

Mark was a great scholar, a terrific colleague and a wonderful friend. We will miss him more than we know.

A wonderfully generous and kind-hearted man who is greatly missed.