The Great York Walk 2019

A project by: Marian Hilditch



from 26 donors

Walking 40km for mental health

A short summary of your project

I'm taking part in The Great York Walk, a 40km stroll (!) around the city, starting bright and early and finishing in the evening. York is not exactly challenging terrain, but it's still 40km so don't you be looking at me smugly.

Who are you?

I'm Marian. I've been both staff and student at the University of York and have lived in York for 18 years. I sometimes do things like this to raise funds for good causes, like mental health, homelessness and domestic violence.

Where will the money go?

The money is going to Mentally Fit York, the University's fund to improve mental health provision in the community and beyond, such as provide scholarships for Mental Health student Nurses.

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