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MIsunderstand and Misunderstood

A project by: Zak Abby



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This project received pledges on Thu 04 Jun 2015
Misunderstand and Misunderstood is a WW2 drama which follows the tensions between two teachers.


We are raising £750 to fund our short film Misunderstand and Misunderstood. The film explores the relationship between two teachers with completely different ideaologies and ethos, whether one of their opposing ideologies is better than the other and the lasting affects this will have on the students. We only have two weeks to raise the funds for this project but we belive in the artisitc potential of this project and the social commentary it makes.

Who are we?

My name is Zak and I am an English Undergraduate at York. I have always enjoyed writing and it has always been a dream of mine to write a screenplay. In the past I have written a novel , plays and this is my first screenplay which is based on a novel that I am currently working on.

My name is Becky and I'm the co-director of this film. I have a strong interest in film and drama and would love to be able to bring our dream into life. I believe we have an important message to share about feminism before the war and how applicable that may be now. 

What is our mission?

This is without a doubt the biggest project that Becky or I have managed, but we have a team of people willing to make this film. Miss Rebecca a logical and sensible young woman detestes Mrs. Wilfred's light teaching methods and believes the students are not being put through their paces. As the film progresses, the toll of war becomes clear in Mrs Wilfred's manner and persona and by the end the audience should decide who is Miss Understood and who is Miss Understand.

Where will the money go?

Any amount will help towards the essentials, but if you help us hit the target we can be as accurate to the period as we can. The money we raise is to help shoot the film, any money we make in excess will be used to help fund the post production of this film.

- Costuming: £300

- Production Costs: £30

- Props and Settings: £300

- Additional Costs: £120

What will you get out of helping us?

Not only will you get that joyous feeling you get when you help other people, you may be in line for some cool incentives.


We have a vision and we want you to help us make it a reality and sponsoring us is not the only way you can help, but it'd be nice if you did. We would love for you to spread this message as far as possible, share this page with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.