The Short York Walk (or rather, 358 Short York Walks)

A project by: mary haworth



from 11 donors

The Grenby/Haworth Family are doing a 112m relay 358 times for the Mentally Fit York Fund

We're running,walking, skipping or hopping in aid of the Mentally Fit York fund

Last year we took part in the Great York Walk, walking a collective 100km in aid of the Mentally Fit York Fund which supports research and practical interventions to help those suffering from mental ill-health. Having seen the number of people who benefited from this funding over the last 7 months we were all geared up to take part in the Great York Walk on 31 May this year. We won't be thwarted by the lockdown so, instead, we're doing a relay challenge (observing social distancing guidance) and we will be covering the length of our 112m back alley 358 times through one continual relay. The four of us (Clem, Wilbur, Mog and Mary) will all do our bit to collectively complete 358 lengths (or that's what we've told each other). The only stops will be when we've handed over the baton.

We need your help

Since it was launched last year, the Mentally Fit York Fund has been used to support scholarships for mental health nursing students, provided access to the Big White Wall online mental health support platform, supported events in our community, and funded new research into student mental health. So much has been achieved but there is much, much more to do. The current Coronavirus pandemic has presented even more challenges to those suffering mental ill-health and the consequences of remote working, school closures, increased unemployment, and social isolation are among the many triggers to mental ill-health. The University of York's research community and its partner organisations can do so much more to help our community and we can do so much more to help them. So please give.

Please give what you can

If, like us, you're not currently commuting to work or spending money on a quick coffee or pint after work - please consider donating that money to this cause - your donation will be directed straight to the Mentally Fit York Fund and it will be a tremendous boost to us as we complete all 358 lengths of the alley. Thank you!