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Para-Dice Lost

A project by: Eva-Marie Stillger


WE RAISED £2,500

from 38 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 16 Jan 2023
A final year TV sitcom project about a group of friends who play Dungeons & Dragons together!

our project:

We’re a group of University of York students looking to raise £2,500 for our third-year-project, a TV studio project called Para-Dice Lost, a sitcom about a group of friends and their weekly game of Barons & Basilisks, our very own version of Dungeons & Dragons.

But to do this we need your help, and any donation you are able to help will go a long way in making our vision a reality!

our team:

We're a team of eight 3rd-year Film and TV students, looking to challenge ourselves with our final year group project.

our story:

We are really passionate about bringing this story of friendship to life, and are excited to follow our characters as they navigate young adult life. At its core this is a show about relationships and growing up, that also includes a game of Barons & Basilisks!

We're looking to hone our individual skills and become a successful and smoothly working team, as well as just have fun making a show!

We want to bring Dungeons & Dragons aka Barons & Basilisks to an even wider audience after its recently renewed success, and we believe it can be an incredible storytelling vehicle for the kind of topics we want to highlight, such as interpersonal relationships and personal identities.

But to do this story justice and tell it to our best ability, we need your help!

your HELP:

Your money will go towards a multitude of things we need to make Para-Dice Lost a reality!

  • Set Construction and Design: We will be building a specially designed set in our TV Studio, complete with multiple rooms, furniture and decorations!
  • Props: As the name suggests, we need, amongst other things, dice!
  • Costumes: What would any show - especially one about adventurous heroes - be without costumes?
  • Music: We're looking to hire a composer for an epic original soundtrack!
  • Transport: We want to bring some of the fantasy aspects of our story to life, so we’ll need to travel to some fun locations!
  • Hospitality: Part of the money will be going towards keeping the Cast and Crew fed and happy during our filming days!
  • Contingency: Finally, even the most perfectly laid plans need a back-up, and so do we!

your Rewards:

As a thank you for your contribution, we have a multitude of exciting rewards on offer, go check them out and see if anything peaks your interest!

Our social media:

Instagram: paradicelost.tv

TikTok: paradicelosttv

Facebook: Para-Dice Lost

your support:

If you want to help us out, but can't do so financially, that's okay! Share our project with anyone who might be interested in supporting us, or just in spreading the word, every little helps!

However, if you do have the financial means to support us, we would greatly appreciate your help!



The Para-Dice Lost Team!