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Comedy about a man with the ability to talk to the dead - but they don't want to talk back.

Psyched is a 20-minute comedy that is both dark and absurdist, and at points, feel-good and romantic. It follows the story of Clive, a struggling psychic with dreams of having his own television series. His chances are massively compromised when he is blacklisted by the ‘Ghosts' Union,’ and he is forced to fight to regain his reputation within the spirit community.

Along the way, he encounters a dead life coach, an Apparition’s Anonymous group, and most importantly, Freya, a feisty ghost who is eternally stuck wearing the ski-wear that she died in.  It's a fast-paced, comic extravaganza, with an ending that will hit you like a double-decker bus!

The film, which will be shot in February, is being made by a dedicated group of final year and masters students at the University of York’s TFTV department. The idea was pitched to the department and given the green-light, meaning that we have access to professional film kit including the Sony® PMW-F3 with an Atmos® Samurai External Recorder, industry standard picture finishing suites fully equipped with Autodesk® Smoke, and a D-command mixing room.

We are being partially funded by the TFTV department, we have already put in our own money, and we've raised almost £2000 on IndieGoGo.  We're hoping YuStart will get us the rest of the way, so your donation will really make all the difference! 


Meet the Team


Have a look at our showreel - a collection of films, music videos and adverts that our team have created over the last few years.



We are thrilled to announce that actor and comedy legend Ricky Tomlinson will be guest starring in Psyched as Brian, Chair of the Ghosts' Union!  Ricky is most famous for his role as Jim Royle in the BAFTA award winning series “The Royle Family” and has also starred in feature films such as “The 51st State” and “Nativity!”.  We are very excited to have him on board and our scouse producer Matt is over the moon!  We're more #Psyched than ever! 


Why do we need your support?

We're very lucky to have already raised most of the money needed for the project.  However, we would like to be able to cover additional costs of locations, props and specialist equipment such as a slider and a Gemini 4:4:4.  We'd also like to be able to enter Psyched into film festivals, so that we can share it with the people of the world!



There are a lot of rewards involved if you choose to cross our palms with silver, from a HD download of the film to a hard copy signed by Ricky Tomlinson!  If you have a bit more to spend, have a look at our business sponsorship deals too, where you can get an invitation to the film's premiere.  (NOTE: We've given the rewards fun, psychic related titles - look at the description of the reward to see what you'll actually get from it.)


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate, don't worry!  You can massively help us to fund the film just by getting the word out about it: share our Facebook page, tweet about the film, and going to our website to play the official 'Psyched Game.'







If you are interested in getting involved in the film as a part of the cast or crew, or in providing costumes or props, please do get in touch.

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