Rachel takes on The Great York Walk!

A project by: Rachel Churchill



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Sponsor me to walk a marathon to help transform the state of mental health in York and beyond

I'm supporting mental health research at the University of York by taking on The Great York Walk, a 25 mile marathon walking event in order to raise funds for Mentally Fit York. If you know me you'll be aware I go everywhere on my bike, or I walk up and down big hills - so locking up my bike and pulling on walking shoes to walk that distance on the flatlands around York puts me very much outside my comfort zone (and it takes such a long time to get anywhere!).

Nevertheless, I'm doing this because it's important - I want to raise awareness about mental health problems, to improve the evidence that we have to inform decisions about how best to support people when they experience these difficulties and to help enhance the mental health and well-being of our local communities

Mental health problems affect us all, at any time in our lives and in many different ways, and we need to find better ways to manage them and support one another.  My walk will be in aid of the Mentally Fit York Fund, which will help to promote good mental health both at the University and across the city of York.

Your support will be used to help fund research projects looking to further our understanding of mental health issues and the barriers to accessing support services. Your support may also go towards providing Mental Health Nursing Scholarships, helping to ensure that the NHS is equipped to deal with the increased demand for mental healthcare (if I hit my target, we'll be able to support a Mental Health Nursing Scholar for about half a term).

Please help me hit my target (and make this all worthwhile!).

Want to join me on the walk? Sign up here.