Running for York Opportunity Scholarships

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One old lady and one big race but lots of reasons to support a York Opportunity Scholar

York Opportunity Scholarships

The Opportunity Award scholarships provide much needed and appreciated financial support to students who have overcome significant barriers in their personal, social or domestic lives. In spite of this these incredible students have secured a place at one of the UK’s best universities.

I have the most enormous admiration for these students whose paths to higher education have been far from straightforward.  That's why I'm running a half marathon in London on March 10 and asking you to sponsor me so that we can help another student to fulfill their potential.

what do you need to do?

For those lucky enough to receive a York Opportunity Award scholarship the financial support is hugely helpful but, often, it’s knowing that somebody believes in them and their potential that can have the most profound effect. In the case of one scholarship recipient called Rhadika, who tragically lost both of her parents whilst studying for her GCSEs, receiving the York Opportunity Award made her feel like someone cares about her. We certainly do. That’s why I’m running this race and asking you to support  - please think about giving a tenner, £20 or even £40.

If between us we can raise £1,100 we can provide one year of a three-year scholarship (imagine if between us we could stretch to a whole scholarship)! I hope, like me, you want another student to feel valued and boosted by the support of a circle of people who believe that nobody’s potential should ever go unrecognised.

More reasons why you should do it  - it only takes a second

I had the privilege of knowing the late Peter Whelpton who was the founder of this initiative. Peter died too young but not before he made sure that this scholarship programme could continue. In fact it was one of the last things that Peter ensured before he passed away. We are really proud to continue Peter’s incredible work but there is still more money to be raised if we are to enable every eligible student to receive some sort of recognition. Please help offer a supportive arm around the next generation of students who have overcome significant barriers to get to university. 

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