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Join the Saga Adventure!

what is saga?

Saga tells the epic tale of Saga, a Viking shield maiden. After the tragic death of her son she decides to leave her old life behind, angering her chieftain husband Calder. What follows is an electrifying cross country chase, as Saga must evade her husband and his men in their attempts to hunt her down. 

With Saga we hope to create an exciting and moving film, grounded in emotion and helmed by a powerful heroine who seeks to carve out her own path in the world. 


We are a group of 8 passionate and hard-working film students from the University of York who have worked together on a variety of creative projects over the past three years.

In our third and final year we are all excited to reap the rewards of our experience to create our most ambitious project yet!

The goal

Our vision is to create a film interweaved with York's unique ties to Viking history. A film that showcases beautiful natural landscapes, from the stunning North Yorkshire moors to Robin Hood's Bay. A film that features the vast talents of our cast and crew.

You can help this vision become a reality. 

It is your generous donations that will enable us to create our dream project and tell the story of Saga in the best possible way. With more locations, cast, crew and stunts than we've ever had before, there's no denying that Saga will be a huge challenge. But with your help, we can rise to this challenge together and make something incredible. 

Where will your money go?

If you choose to donate to Saga we will allocate funds as follows:

  • Transport to and from locations: £600
  • Accommodation (4 days): £250
  • Catering (7 days): £200
  • Locations: £125
  • Props, set and costume: £200
  • Additional camera and lighting equipment: £800
  • Additional sound equipment: £10
  • Additional post-production equipment: £240

GRAND TOTAL = £2,425

We understand that we have a lot of money to raise, but every little helps! Any amount that we can raise we will be incredibly grateful for and will put to good use. If we end up surpassing our goal, we will ensure that all additional funds go into promoting the film after its release and creating better rewards for you. 

what will you get in return? 

We appreciate any and all contributions and want to thank everyone who donates!  If you choose to sponsor Saga you'll immediately be eligible for our rewards scheme - our way of showing our thanks and appreciation.

Help us succeed!

We understand not everyone can donate, but if you're as excited about this project as we are then please follow us on our social media sites, share this page and get the buzz going about Saga!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sagashortfilm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sagashortfilm

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sagashortfilm/

Website: http://sagafilm.co.uk/

Thank you so much for your time, 

The Saga Team

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Great to learn of your success raising funds. Look forward to seeing outcome of project. Best wishes John Menzies

Well done guys

This film looks excellent. Looking forward to it.

This donation is from Grampy!!

Pleased to help out in any way T and V

Pleased to help Kat

Just a little payback for Carl's help in the past

Have started packing! (Wondering whether to bring the picnic hamper! Xx

Good luck with the project! Looking forward to taking part!

All the best for a successful project, you are a talented team! Paul and Anne (aka Kat's parents)

Good luck with the project!

Great to see a film with a strong female lead!

Good luck! And if you get it finished, come and show it at Screenplay, Shetland's annual film festival at the end of August.

Wishing you every success. Lala xx