Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition Finals

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Make it possible for us to join the SEHFC finals in Atlanta and put Griff on the map internationally


We are currently looking to raise £3990 to fund our team's trip to attend the Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition finals in Atlanta, GA. Any donations you are able to make to help us cover the costs will be massively appreciated. SEHFC is an international investment competition allowing for different universities to send in quantitative investment strategies in the form of a research paper, with the top five submissions competing against each other in a live presentation at Georgia State University. Griff's participation in the competition reaches back to its early days, with the first Griff team having reached the finals and placed second in 2018. Most recently, teams from Griff have reached the finals in both 2022 and 2023 where we achieved second place once again. Taking part and succeeding in this competition has allowed the fund to compete against some of the top universities internationally like the University of Toronto, the University of Texas at Austin and Northeastern University, while increasing Griff's recognition on an international scale. 

Going into our third subsequent year of reaching the finals, we are unfortunately finding it very hard to get funding from the university for the travel costs involved in attending, which is why we have decided to reach out to Griff alumni and the public to support us. The fund has always believed that the most motivated and capable people should be able to represent the university in this competition, no matter their socioeconomic background, however this is getting more and more difficult with rising travel costs.

While we have already paid for the flight tickets and accommodation, we had to raise those funds by going into debt, so any contributions to reducing the financial pressure on the team's members, especially with exams coming up, would be very helpful.

We truly appreciate every single donation and look forward to representing Griff with pride in Atlanta.

Ilija, Abtin, James, Rayyan and Elle-Rose

Who are We?

The Griff Investment Fund is the first student-run investment fund in the North of England and one of the first in the UK. Based at the University of York, we are proud to be entirely student led. The fund grew out of the York Investment Fund, a virtual fund created in Autumn 2011 by York alumni and Griff Investment Fund founders. The fund was formed in the summer of 2013 with funds provided by University of York alumni and Global head of Institutional Business at HSBC Asset Management, Mr Paul Griffiths.

The Griff portfolio is a long-only equity investment vehicle, investing in stocks which offer a unique value proposition, with research and sourcing of investment opportunities coming from the analyst body. The fund's target is to generate a rate of return beating the FTSE 350, whilst ensuring analysts have the space to learn and develop their investment knowledge, techniques and individual theses. 

The aim of the fund is to promote a general understanding of financial markets, by gaining an appreciation of the opportunities and problems involved in managing an investment portfolio. All investment decisions are made by analysts - students at the University of York. 

We’re a group of like-minded students with a passion for investing, finance and markets. We have a diverse group of talent across multiple degree disciplines with every analyst contributing towards investment decisions. Each and every analyst is pivotal to every investment decision we make. We strive to make every voice heard within the Fund.  

Where will the money go?

  • Flights (LHR to ATL return): £597pp (£2985 total)
  • Hotels for the whole group (5 people): £1005
  • All donations will be split equally between the members of our team
  • Any contributions will be used to repay our debts

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