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'Sold Out' The TV Show

A project by: Jenna Walop


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This project received pledges on Wed 09 Jan 2019
When a salesperson in an infomercial becomes self aware, what happens?

A short summary of 'Sold Out'

We are creating a fantastic multi camera comedy called 'Sold Out' which is a shopping channel parody that explores darker themes of capitalism and autonomy. We are absolutely thrilled to create this and can not wait to present the finished product but can't do it without your help! 

Every single donation counts and we are so humbled that people would help us make this dream a reality. Whatever you can give will be immensely appreciated.

We will also be hosting events try to raise funds elsewhere so keep an eye on our facebook page!

Who are we?

We are a rag tag band of third year Film and Television Production students who are incredibly passionate about delivering a knee slapping dark golden television bonanza.

Plot summary

Over the course of three episodes we follow protagonist Ben, who works at ShopTV as a host. However when we find out the production is putting something suspicious in the hosts' drinks to keep them subdued and susceptible to instruction, will Ben escape? Expose them? Will he reconnect with his partner who called in to try and reach him? Find out on 'Sold Out'!

Where does the money go?

Most of the budget will be going towards set dressing as we will be creating elaborate sets from scratch so will have to obtain building and construction materials as well as furniture etc etc. to create the most immersive experience possible!

We will also be needing costumes and props! Props in particular will be integral to the plot as they will be telling the story of all the cooky crazy inventions you find on infomercials.

Another important place where the money will be going is transport and other various production costs. Transporting equipment can get expensive so for our scenes outside the studio we will need to move a 10 man crew as well as cameras and sound equipment etc. so every penny really helps!

Moreover, we will be having to feed our cast and crew. After all, who wants cranky gaffers and actors?

Lastly, in the event that we have an excess, we will be using this to submit our show to festivals and screenings to try and push it as far as it can go.

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