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Stoop Quintet album recording

A project by: Dave Smyth


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This project received pledges on Sun 17 Aug 2014
Help the Stoops get their debut album recorded...

Stoop Quintet

We are a jazz quintet that formed at the University of York just under 18 months ago. In this short amount of time we have achieved a great deal and we are now asking for donations to help us take the next step and record our debut album. Having built strong support in York, where the group originated, we have performed at various clubs and festivals, including the The Vortex in London. We have also been invited to perform as the 'Young & Serious' featured group at this year's EFG London Jazz Festival.

Stoop Quintet are Jonathan Brigg (piano/compositions), James Mainwaring (saxophones), Alex Munk (guitar), Mick Bardon (double bass) and Dave Smyth (drums).

The project

We are now looking to record our first album and this is where we need your help. We have set a minimum target of £1500 - if we could achieve it, this figure would allow us to spend two days in a good quality studio (importantly, with a high quality piano!), get the tracks professionally mixed and mastered and then release it as a digital download.

The ideal amount (£3200) would allow us to go one step further, giving us the funds to release the album as a physical CD, get it stocked in music stores, and also give us some money to promote it - a hugely important aspect! 

If you can make a gift, we have some great rewards to say thank you: from previews of our music, to actual CDs, up to your very own performance.  If you're into jazz we know you'll love them. Thank you!


I think your music sounds cool and I'd like to help, but I'm not in a position to donate anything!

That's absolutely cool, you can still help by spreading the word, just hit the 'I want to help' button above to let others know about this campaign! 

Thanks for reading this far and for donating - we really appreciate every donation!

We'll be updating this page with our progress once the campaign is over, but in the meantime you can keep upto date via these links: