A project by: ARJUN SRIVATSA

pledged of £1,500 target
A tale of ambition and art!


"The First Swansong," an exciting short film project brought to life by a passionate team of creatives from the University of York, UK. Set in the historically charming backdrop of Yorkshire, our film follows the life of Ruhi, a young tippler, striving for her artistic dream, who faces the sting of humiliation on her debut stage performance. But when she uncovers a recording of her mother's only stage performance, she embarks on a personal journey, weaving together her own identity with the intricate tapestry of art and ambition.

Who are WE?

Our team comprises of the following members:

Arjun S Srivatsa:

My creative experience spans over 3+ years in the domain of filmmaking & graphic designing. I’ve worked in various roles - from designing for startups to directing, writing and composing music for short films and documentaries. Proficient in writing fine content and using the Adobe Creative space.

Arjun N A: 

Ajun Anilkumar is a visionary storyteller with a passion for capturing the essence of humanity through the lens of his camera. Born and raised in a culturally rich environment, Arjun developed a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the world around him from an early age.

Caitlin Bezzano:

Caitlin Bezzano has been captivated by film and visual media from a very young age, developing her love for all genres and styles. With a high attention to detail, her approach to storytelling is evident in her fresh and exciting work as an editor.

How You Can Support Us Financially:

As a student-led endeavour operating within constrained financial parameters, "The First Swansong" relies upon the generosity and support of our community to realize its full potential. Your contributions will directly underwrite critical facets of our production including:



- LOGISTICS (include transportation): 350 GBP





To facilitate our fundraising efforts, we have launched a crowdfunding initiative aimed at securing £1000 of our £2500 budget. In recognition of your support, we extend exclusive rewards, including acknowledgements in the film credits, on our website, and across various promotional platforms. Your philanthropy shall serve as the cornerstone of our cinematic venture, elevating it to newfound heights of creativity and accomplishment.

Join Us!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for considering involvement in "The First Swansong" project, be it as a cast member, crew participant, or volunteer. Your passion, talent, and commitment constitute the bedrock upon which our collective vision shall flourish. Whether your aspirations lie in the realm of acting, filmmaking, or behind-the-scenes support, we eagerly await your partnership.

Embark upon this exhilarating odyssey by reaching out to us today. Together, let us craft a cinematic masterpiece that resonates deeply with audiences and stands as a testament to our shared creativity and camaraderie.


  • In return for your generosity, we offer the following rewards:
  • 1) £50 - Mention in the film Credits
  • 2) £100 - Mention in the credits & On The film website + Copy of the Poster
  • 3) £500 - Mention in the credits & On The film website + Copy of the Poster + Name on the Poster

Find us here


Are you an aspiring actor or actress eager to showcase your talents on screen? We extend an invitation to audition for roles that demand authenticity and depth. Auditions will be conducted with meticulous care, ensuring a platform for individuals to embody our characters with sincerity and nuance. Please note that we require our actors to have some experience in theatre along with the knowledge of music.

APPLY BY 25th of MAY!

Join us as we breathe life into our narrative and illuminate the screen with compelling performances.

Characters include:

Crew Requirements:

Our pursuit of excellence in filmmaking is incomplete without the expertise and dedication of skilled professionals like yourself. We currently seek individuals of passion and proficiency to fill pivotal roles within our crew, including:

  • Sound Operator
  • Assistant Producer
  • Music Composer
  • Assistant Cinematographer
  • Driver

Should your expertise align with any of these roles or if you harbor an eagerness to learn and contribute, we eagerly anticipate your involvement in our project.