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Central Hall Musical Society presents Sweet Charity

A project by: Katharine Wood



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Help Make Life Sweet

Central Hall Musical Society Presents Sweet Charity

Renowned on campus for the production of brilliant musicals, Central Hall Musical Society (CHMS) gives students at the University of York the chance to be involved in something amazing and has helped many get into a career in Musical Theatre!

Each year our flagship shows get even more spectacular and with Sweet Charity, our choice for 2016, we're hoping you can help us make this the best one ever. Help make life sweet for CHMS.

“Have you ever met a girl who wanted something so badly, that she tried too hard to get it?”  

Sweet Charity is an insight into the life of Charity Hope Valentine and her attempts to find the man of her dreams. Famous for songs such as Big Spender or Rhythm of Life and its thrilling aesthetic with hippies and dancers galore, Sweet Charity promises a night of excitement- people will definitely leave Central Hall with the songs in their heads.

How Did we get here?

You may remember some of our past extravaganzas all of which have helped create a high standard expected from each show that follows. Including;

Which were both fantastic!

Richard Oakman (Producer), Nicki Gaskin (Director), Jess Douglas (Musical Director), and Rebecca Adams (Choreographer) decided to pitch Sweet Charity to the society after working to put together a vision for the show. With the cast and production team now totaling over 50 people, any support given to this project will have made all of the work worthwhile whilst helping create the highest quality show for the audience!

We have the pleasure and memories of putting the show together and watching it grow from very little to the incredible end result that we will in no doubt have, but it is the performance that everyone remembers best. Whether that be cast member, audience, band member or anyone involved in the show and that is what we want your support for- to make this experience one to remember!

Funding Sweet Charity.

The money for the show will go towards our costume, set, props and tech.

From the dancers in the Fandango Ballroom, the hippies in the Rhythm of Life Church or the members of the classy Pompeii Club, there are many different and diverse visuals to the show, by donating you can help these people and places come to life. With every donation we are able to add more dimensions to the show and ultimately make the show a true spectacle and a show  that the University will not forget for a long while.

Here are a breakdown of our costs:

Set - £1500

Costume - £1000

Props - £200

Please consider helping us reach our target by donating towards these costs. Any donation is appreciated whether it be large or small and if we're lucky enough to get extra funds they'll go towards making the show as authentic as possible!

Take a look at some of our Hard work

Hey Big Spender! Watch a video of us in action here

Find us here:

With your help we can get the name of Sweet Charity out there and we will give updates each week leading up to the show.

Help us succeed!

We hope you can see our passion for the show and our gratitude to anyone who can help us make our ideas a reality! Anyway in which you can help will be extremely well received by all of us involved in Sweet Charity from financial support to getting our name out to everyone you know. The more people that know about our show the more likely that the work by everyone involved, including those who support us, will be worthwhile so please help us make Sweet Charity as big a success as possible.