'The Fall of Fire' the Musical

A project by: Isla Thomson

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Completion Date: Fri 20 Jun 2014
York premier of an original musical written by students

Our Project:- 'The Fall of Fire'

'The Fall of Fire' words by Thomas Ryalls & composed by Kristina Craven, both of whom are 2nd year Students at the University of York.

Putting this production together has been a great opportunity for our group, providing experience in all areas of Musical production for us as students. 

The musical is partly born out of a frustration with pre-existing musicals which are usually male-dominated and ignore the overwhelming amount of talented female singers and actors in the student body. We have created a musical with nearly an entirely female cast, telling one of the greatest untold stories that has ever existed while making sure we produce innovative work that doesn't just mimic that which has come before. 

The Vestal Virgins were the head of Roman society, pillars of ideology which maintained the social order. It was their job to maintain the fire of Vesta in their temple and remain pure for their entire lives. When this fire goes out and the most horrendous crime imaginable is committed then the doors of the Vestal's inner temple are slammed shut and they are told they must find out amongst themselves who is guilty for the crime. Six women locked in a room must make some difficult decisions and discover things about each other that they never knew. 
As their discussion progress it becomes obvious that there are two paths open to them: they can fall, or they can rise. 

Why we need your help. 

We now need your help to enable us to stage this unique production in the most professional way and showcase our talent to the widest audience.  

Unlike most musical student groups at the University we’re not connected to a particular department, nor are we a YUSU society – so we don’t have any grant or budget to draw on.   We’re just a group of talented students getting together to perform a Musical.

The funds will be used for venue hire, Upstage Theatre, Monkgate, Set and costumes and press and publicity

So please make a donation to support us.  We are offering some great rewards in return for your kindness, including tickets to see our show!  Thank you!

If you’re not in a position to give, you can still help by spreading the word on social media and email to friends, family and colleagues about our Musical and about what we are trying to achieve.

Of course do come and see 'The Fall of Fire' at Upstage Theatre 41-43 Monkgate York. 

  • Friday 13th June 7:30pm
  • Saturday 14th June 2pm.

Read our blog for short bio's on the cast and production team and where we'll be posting rehearsal footage and pictures to keep you up to date.

Visit the YNMF website too, so you can take a look at what else is on during the Festival and book tickets to see 'The Fall of Fire' as well.

Thank you!

Isla Thomson - Production Manager