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Through the Decades

A project by: Finley Carrigan


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A fun-filled live talent competition taking you on a journey through the timeline of music!

From Disco to Glam Rock, 'Through The Decades' is a live talent competition created by Film and TV students at the University of York, with each show taking place in a different musical era. We are raising money to fund our live band, set, costumes and many other things will make the show as great as we know it can be!


our story

We are a group of 7 Film and Television Production students in our 3rd and final year of study, who are creating this show for our group project module. We are hoping to raise enough money to bring our ideas to life and optimise the creative potential of 'Through The Decades' with a talented live band, extravagant costumes and a spectacle of a set. 

This show is extremely important to us as not only does it contribute to our degree, but also gives us the chance to create a live TV show from scratch and face all the challenges that occur within both the pre-production and production stages. It gives us all an insight into the careers in which we wish to pursue following our degree and very useful experience of working within the world of television.

But why is it important to you? By donating to our project, you are enabling a young, enthusiastic and ambitious television crew the chance to give it our best shot at a unique project which is entirely our own. Any amount of money you donate will directly contribute to the success of our project and will be greatly appreciated by each and every one of us!

Where will the money go?

If we reach our minimum target, the majority of the money will go towards the live band, our set construction and the costumes that will effectively represent each musical era. If we hit our maximum target it will allow us to efficiently feed our cast and crew on shooting days, as well as hire make-up artists and provide a trophy for the winner of each show. We will provide regular updates over on our instagram on the progress of our fundraising, so you can follow us on the journey to hitting our target and spread the word if we are needing that extra push! Here is a quick breakdown of how our money will be spent: 

  • Live Band (£800) : We believe that a professional live band is an essential factor in setting the tone for our show and bringing it to life! If possible we are hoping to secure a local band made up of 4 talented musicians, who will perform a variety of songs, from the particular musical genre, throughout each show.
  • Set Construction (£800) : Another big chunk of our budget will going towards our set which will be constructed from scratch. We are hoping to have a main stage big enough for our contestants and live band, as well as a separate panel for our judges.
  • Hospitality (£300) : We need to make sure provide enough food and water for our big crew and all other contributors (contestants, judges, host, etc.) for both shooting days, as no one can be at their best on an empty stomach!
  • Wardrobe (£250) : Disco and Glam Rock are two very fashionable genres of music, so our costumes are going to be an important part of the show. Our host will need an outfit for each show and of course our contestants need to look the part when belting out the classics!
  • Contingency (£200) : Every great plan has a backup and ours is no different! We will need to keep a little bit of money to one side to cover any unforeseen issues or emergencies.

  • Travel (£150) : Our live band are local but unfortunately they don't live in the studio, so we will need to bring them and all their equipment to us!


If you choose to donate to our project, you will not leave empty handed. We will have a variety of rewards available, from a shoutout on our socials, to a spot in our live studio audience!


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SHARE AND Help us succeed!

It is important to remember that it's not just your money we are asking for. By sharing our project any way you can, you are contributing just as much because even if you are not able to donate, the more people that know about our project, the more chance we will reach someone that is. From posting something on social media to having a good old-fashioned chitchat with a friend, family member or a colleague at work, that one extra person who sees or hears about our project could make a world of difference.

So, if you like our project and wish to make 'Through The Decades' become a reality, then please don't hesitate to sponsor us! But, if you haven't quite been convinced yet, it would be great if you could spread the word because somebody else just might be.


Sincerely, the 'Through The Decades' Team 😊