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Unlucky Fred

A project by: Siena Ramsey


WE RAISED £2,000

from 26 donors

This project received donations on Fri 06 Jan 2017
Fred is convinced his bad luck will turn around if he makes Angelica fall in love with him.

Unlucky Fred is a coming-of-age film that follows introverted schoolboy Fred, an 11-year-old diffident and unlucky kid.

We watch Fred’s world turn upside down with the arrival of a new girl, Angelica. In this heartwarming story Fred attempts to overcome his seemingly unlucky nature by facing one of his greatest obstacles: his self confidence.

At its heart, this is the story of a young boy struggling to find his place in the world and ultimately coming to terms with who he really is. This film will connect with anyone who has feared rejection in their life or felt like the social outsider, just trying to fit in.

The Crew

Our crew consists of 8 amazing multi-talented individuals from all over the world whom are all currently studying at the University of York. We are all very excited and skilled in our respective fields and cannot wait to get the ball rolling into its production phase.

Siena Ramsey | Producer

Jonas Mondua | Director

Jack Alden | Assistant Director

Morris Gormezano | Director of Photography

Fraser McHale | Writer

Ayshe Zaifoglu | Editor

Sean Bassett | Set Design

Curtis Bull - Audio Design

Our crew may seem small, but our aspirations are huge. We believe this is an extremely important story to tell because it will resonate with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds. Unlucky Fred will also enable some of us to move on to the next stage of our careers, at NFTS, as well as give us the opportunity to give back to the community in Yorkshire by offering the opportunity for children to experience what a film set is like.

Funding Allocation

All of the funds for this project will be going to set design, wardrobe, transport, catering, and accommodation. Although we need a minimum of £1200, any funds raised above this goal will go toward increasing production value across the board, especially for set design and accommodation, therefore allowing us to recruit actors from out of town.


Every movie, feature-length or short has its fair share of risks and challenges. As this is a student project however, one of the main challenges we face is the time constraint. We have 5 full days of shooting to capture all of the footage we need, and the only way to maximise our productivity within those 5 days is to hope that the generosity of our friends, family, and anyone out there who is as passionate as we are will be enough to achieve our £1,500 target.

 Our determination and passion for this project is unrivaled. We are confident that with your support, we will succeed in bringing Unlucky Fred to life.
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