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UoY The Magic Flute

A project by: William Grace



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This project received pledges on Fri 15 May 2015
UoY Opera Society presents a performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute at the Grand Opera House 30/05

Who are We?

In our third venture at York's Grand Opera House, University of York's Opera Society is excited to bring Mozart's iconic work to the heart of this historically beautiful city. For one night only a talented cast of young singers will take you on a journey to a fantastical dreamland of magic, mystery and utterly brilliant music in a performance which promises to be a visual and musical spectacle like none other

- Directed, produced, and performed by members of the University of York, this performance will give invaluable experience to a group of incredibly talented students

- To find out more about our production team and cast view the full details on our website

Our story

- Many months ago we pitched to put on a one day performance of The Magic Flute.

- We truly believe that The Magic Flute is the perfect opera to end UoY Opera Society’s 2014/5 academic year, we have relished the opportunity to address the musical and aesthetic challenges that this project has already presented and are keen to continue working on these with a cast of talented performers as this has the potential to be a fantastically captivating performance and one of the best that York has ever seen. 

- The Magic Flute is an opera with a youthful spirit and a wide reaching appeal perfect for a student company, but also has sufficient canonical status to pull in the large audiences needed to fill the auditorium of the Grand Opera House and ensure that this is a creative and financial triumph that no one will ever forget.

Where will the money go?

- The minimum amount of money will help us sustain the rehearsal costs.

- Raising more than our minimum will help us to build the set, create costumes and fund our marketing campaign.

- We are working with the Opera House to put our ads in 95k brochures and emailed to 66k potential audience members, but the marketing won't stop there.

- Contributing to the campaign will help us immeasurably, we promise to keep all of our donors updated with weekly behind the news via a blog, photos and videos.

We have allocated the budget into various departments - here is the breakdown:

  • Venue hire: £2550
  • Set and costume: £2000
  • Instrument hire: £300
  • Marketing: £700
  • Extra/Reserve: £800

This is just an idea of the kind of costs we'll be running into!


As well as seeing exactly how your money will impact our project - we have some pretty awesome rewards as a thank you!

Find us here

- For more information about the show and the team check out our website. We will also update it with updates as the rehearsal process continues

- Please like our page on Facebook and if you are coming to the show 'attend' our event

- You can also find us on Twitter!

Help us succeed!

The more people that see this page the better! So please show it to your friends and family and share it on social media sites to enable us to create a production to the level that we are capable of!

Even if you cannot donate today, please consider helping us out on social media and hopefully coming to the show!