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Rowing - HRR 2017 Temple Challenge Cup

A project by: Calder Marshall


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Help us beat the best at Henley Royal

Our Project

We are raising money to help fund our campaign to compete at Henley Royal Regatta. We need funding to help us rent a boat, blades, and to help contribute towards accommodation for the days we wil be in Henley on Thames.

Who are we?

The University of York Boat Club is having its most successful year ever thanks to club dedication, the clubs first official coach and lots of support from the university. We have just become a recognised GB Start centre, have recorded huge results in both the men's and women's squads and are looking to close out the season at the most prestigious club rowing even in the world: Henley Royal Regatta.

Our success has, however, been hindered throughout the year by failing outdated equipment: riggers breaking mid-race, blades breaking mid-race, and seats breaking mid-race!  Our employed Rowing Coach further handed in his notice in November 2016, which caused the club to resort back to being a student coached club during the height of the regatta season. To provide us with the necessary equipment we are hiring a boat from University of London, and we are also renting blades and need accomodation in Henley on Thames for the duration of the regatta.

With two GB Start athletes, and a crew with the best 2k ergs the club has seen, we are certain that with your help we can make a name for UYBC on the international stage. We know that our success so far has impressed many in the region, and we want to continue that. We also hope that by increasing our reputation, we can persuade more experienced rowers to join the club. We believe that this year is a watershed moment in the club's history, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Men's squad REsults this Year

  • Three Golds at BUCS indoors
  • Two Wins at York Small Boats Head
  • Medal at Head of the Severn
  • Medal at Tyne Head
  • Top 12 at BUCS Head
  • Win and Second at South Yorkshire Head
  • Top 10 at BUCS Regatta (ChLM2x)
  • A final at BUCS Regatta (IM4x)
  • Wins at Peterborough Regatta

Where will the money go?

  • Our minimum is required to pay for the last third of the cost of the boat. (£500)
  • Our full target is to help pay for blade hire and accommodation on top of this.(£250-300)
  • Accommodation will also be required for the duration and we are trying to keep this cost to a minimum. (£25 pppn for 8 nights)
  • Extra funds will be put towards transport and fuelling our athletes' overall 42,000 calorire per day requirement!
  • Anything further to this we will put towards new equipment so that we don't have to keep fundraising to hire equipment.
  • Travel: £c.50-60 pp
  • Race Entry: £160
  • Nutrition: £40 pppw

Did you know

In the longer term, regular replacement and upgrading of kit would mean we wouldnt need to hire boats for Henley. If you can consider a regular donation to UYBC, you can help us achieve this.


Find us here

Jorvik BC Facebook page

UYBC Facebook Page

Instagram: @uybclub

Unofficial Instagram: @notuyboatclub

Club Website: http://uybc.org.uk/

Help us succeed! Thank you!