Gaby undertakes York's Marathon Month!

A project by: Gabriella Mazurkiewicz



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Please help to improve the state of mental health in York by sponsoring me to finish a marathon!

Conditions such as depression and anxiety thrive upon individuals feeling trapped and isolated from people and communities. Even when sufferers seek treatments on services like the NHS, it can take several weeks to be able to see a healthcare professional. By helping to raise money for Mentally Fit York, we can at least provide every student with 24/7 access to Togtherall and take the burden off an already overworked service. 

It is also important to stress the necessity of early intervention in the case of mental health. During the pandemic, the backlog of people desperately needing support had to wait. The consequences were more cases of poor mental health and pre-existing illnesses increasing in severity. It becomes a vicious and costly domino effect. In order to avoid this, we all need to help and assist those in whatever way we can.  


I'm taking part in the very first York Marathon Month to help to transform mental health by raising funds for Mentally Fit York at the University of York. Mental ill-health does not discriminate and we should all be able to feel safe and supported in talking to each other about our mental health.

Together with a great community of people I'm going to complete a virtual marathon in the month of October! I would really appreciate any donations you make to help improve mental health in York! If you want to find out more about York's Marathon Month and the cause you can do so here. :)

about mentally fit york

My marathon will be in aid of Mentally Fit York, which will promote good mental health on a local, national and international scale. Your support will be used to fund initiatives such as 24/7 mental health support for York students and research projects to further our understanding of mental health issues and the barriers to accessing support services.

Your support may also go towards providing suicide prevention training, Mental Health Nursing Scholarships or it could contribute to a range of other initiatives which are decided by an expert panel of mental health and wellbeing researchers, practitioners and advocates. Find out more about what Mentally Fit York has supported here.

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