Francesca and Stephanie take on The Great York Walk!

A project by: Francesca Horsfield and Stephanie Bilton


WE RAISED £3,175

from 45 donors

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Powered by positive thoughts and a good pair of boots you will smash it! Good luck and lots of love Carolyn XXXX

Good Luck and keep going - it is an amazing challenge. Hope the weather is good and the wind blows in the right direction! Hugh and Lavinia

Good Luck and Much Love, Philip and Val

Best of luck!

Good luck! Here’s hoping for better weather! John

Take it easy, you know you will enjoy it! John & Gilly

There didn’tseem to be a way to gift aid this payment which is for a charity, which seems a pity. I am. UK taxpayer and could have gift aided the amount.

Those boots were obviously made for walking..... V good Luck!! Frank & Nancy xxxxxxxxx

Walk on ..... and on,and on!

A very worthwhile cause as G would agree. Much of her work is in this area. It is so important that we acknowledge and support young people with mental health issues.