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What's The Worst That Could Happen?

A project by: Harriet Day


WE RAISED £1,650

from 29 donors

A comedy-parody about the live broadcast of a news show... except everything seems to go wrong!


We are Film & Television Production students at the University of York aiming to raise £2,500 for our third-year project; a studio television show called What's The Worst That Could Happen?.

Our satire-comedy is about the live broadcast of a news show that covers the breaking news, interviews with specialist guests and live location-broadcasts... except everything on-air goes wrong! From two inept and clashing hosts, to on-set lighting malfunctions... from cameras that go haywire to fire alarms going off; What's The Worst That Could Happen plays with sarcasm, parody and irony to create a hilarious form of entertainment for audiences. However, to make this show a reality, we need your help! 

meet the crew

We are a team of seven 3rd Year Film & Television Production students who all have a passion for television and the concept of this show, and we are eager to challenge ourselves during this production process for our final-year project. 

OUR story

What's The Worst That Could Happen? is our third-year project for our degree in Film & Television Production at University of York; we will be dedicating blood, sweat, tears and ten months of hard work to ensure our television show has the best outcome possible!

Although the heart of the show is the comedy, we also want to project the deeper meaning behind the sarcasm and satirical parodies in exposing current global and national news, and critiquing the ways in which these are sometimes broadcast. 

This project is so important to us, not only because of how much we have already grown to love the concept we have created, but because this show could very likely impact our final degree grades. This show will also be crucial in expanding our experiences and knowledge in working with live TV studios, which would greatly benefit future career opportunities! 

To make any of this possible, our show cannot be made to its full potential without donations. Here, we ask for your help!


Your donations will go towards many necessary features of production that will help create What's The Worst That Could Happen?

  • Set construction - we want to be able to transform our empty TV studio into a set for a professional news studio; a large desk for the host with a backdrop of screens behind, an interview area with sofas, coffee tables and chairs, and a weather-broadcasting area equipped with a green screen. We want one of our show's "goes wrong moments" to involve the malfunctioning of the set, so we need the funds to be able to construct a set that can deliberately break safely and on cue! 
  • Props - more opportunities for us to make things "go wrong"! And merchandise for our news programme to feature in the show!
  • Costumes - to make our characters as realistic to news hosts and as hilarious as possible!
  • Music - we are aiming to hire a composer for our show
  • Transport/ accommodation - our actors will need to be able to get to our studio in York, and if they are travelling from afar they will need somewhere to stay!
  • Catering - to keep our crew and actors fed and watered during our long days of shooting!


As a thank you for your generosity, we have lots of exciting and unique rewards to offer you based on the amount you donate to our show! These are listed along the side of our website!


Follow alongside us in our production and fundraising journey for What's The Worst That Could Happen? Any reposting, sharing and following will help us massively! 

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If you would like to help us - but are unable to financially - then just spreading the word about our show would help us out massively! Please follow our social media page; like, repost, share and tell your family and friends about us! 

But any donation whether generous or small will all add up and make a huge difference to the outcome of our show!

We cannot wait to get started on What's The Worst That Could Happen?, and we would be extremely grateful it if you can donate and be a part of our production process!



What's The Worst That Could Happen crew