Repairing the YEAR Centre

A project by: The University of York


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Help us repair our vandalised research centre

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Unfortunately the YEAR (York Experimental Archaeological Research) Centre was broken into, resulting in important equipment being stolen. Of particular heartbreak, our replica Mesolithic hut, built by Dutch specialists in 2019, was also vandalised. It is now in a dire state and in need of urgent repair. In a short amount of time, this wonderful hut structure became a YEAR Centre icon: central to our teaching, research and widening participation activities. With hut thatching removed and holes visible, water is now penetrating the interior. This will soon lead the frame rotting and the entire structure being lost. If you are in a position to give a small amount of money to help us replace the stolen equipment and rebuild the hut, we would be very grateful. Your donations will ensure that many more students and members of the community benefit from the hut and the broad range of experimental archaeological activities we do.