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The Big York Pub Quiz! - June 2020

A project by: The University of York



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Sunday 21 June 2020 / 7pm (BST) / Free participation, donations to help York students encouraged

Welcome to The Big York Pub Quiz!

Get your teammates on video call and settle in - The Big York Pub Quiz is here! Let us know where in the world you’re playing by using #BigYorkPubQuiz.

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Some admin bits...

  • All your team members can tune into this page - make sure they’re watching along too!
  • At the end of each round, you’ll be asked to fill in a short form letting us know your scores. Only team captains (the people who registered teams) should fill in this form, using the email address they used to register your team.
  • We’re raising funds for a really important cause tonight, and we’d really appreciate any donations you could make by clicking on the ‘Sponsor’ button at the top of this page. Every penny that you can donate tonight will go towards the York Opportunity Scholarship appeal which supports students who’ve overcome the most significant barriers in their personal lives to be able to study at York. Read on to hear from the types of people you’ll be helping... 

what it's all in aid of...

By playing along and donating, you’ll be supporting students like Wendy. This is what she told us about the difference the York Opportunity Scholarship has made to her life…"By donating you are changing someone's life and you're not just changing their lives but you are changing the lives of their families and the people they go on to help in their career. I am very grateful as I couldn't think of anything better. Please give someone else the opportunity I have been given to change my life. Thank you." - Wendy Caulkin, 1st year BSc Nursing

Anything you can donate or raise will go directly towards ensuring that any student who has a place at York has as few barriers as possible to accessing their place. Your support will go to students from less advantaged backgrounds, including local authority care leavers, students from low income backgrounds, students with disabilities, and students from a Black and ethnic minority background.

Giving is easy, just click the ‘Sponsor’ button!

YuStart: Live

If you'd like to host a virtual event to help our students - whether it's a cook-a-long, a sing-a-long, a panel talk or discussion, or something entirely different - get in touch! Just email yustart@york.ac.uk.