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York Union Investment

A project by: Sebastian Shaddick

pledged of £2,500 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Sun 15 Sep 2019
The York Union hosts engaging talks for the people of York, we need your help to expand our horizons

Our project

We are hoping to raise £2500 for our society, so that we can expand our events' outreach. After we have raised this money, our plan is to purchase video-recording equipment and advertising equipment to upload our events onto YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The money will be invested into cameras, banners and more to optimise our promotion capability. With this in mind, we hope to invite more speakers to the University! Please check out our video for more information:


Who are you?

We are the committee for the York Union. We run the day-to-day errands of our society and invite speakers to the events that you can access for free! 

  • Above all else, our aim is to foster a vibrant intellectual life in the University of York! but our abilities as student only go so far in this context, so we need your help! 
  • We believe in the promotion of free speech, and believe that people have a right to access knowledge freely. 
  • We believe that you should donate because it is of great of importance not only for the University, but for the student population as well as the wider public of York. 

Where will the money go?

  • Our Minimum fund takes care of a few essential items:
  • A new camera to take video recordings of our debates (£940)
  • A new computer for the society so that we can adequately edit our videos and promote our events (£1046)
  • Banners and Signs for advertising and promotion (£90)
  • In total, our minimum amount is £2076, however we are aiming to reach £2500!
  • The money left over will be used to fund the organising of special guest speakers and debates!


Needless to say, the reward will be phenomenal. With this investment, you are promoting the University's intellectual interests and giving people the opportunity to engage with Politics, Science and Culture directly!

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Help us succeed!

Thank you for your time!