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Nineteen Eighty-Three and a Third

A project by: Zazie Tuson


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This project received pledges on Wed 09 Jan 2019
A government with total control, total power, and a totally incompetent workforce

'Nineteen eighty-three and a third'

We are raising £2500 to fund our exciting new television sitcom, 'Nineteen Eighty-Three and a Third'! The show examines contemporary themes of censorship, media control, surveillance, and political correctness. However, it also explores the minutiae of everyday working life; the frustrating nature of office politics, the soul-sucking tedium of dead-end jobs, the horror of a broken coffee machine on a Monday morning. We need your help to make this series, please donate today!

Who are we?

We are a group of third year Film and Television Production Students at the University of York, who are passionate about television. Over the last two years, we've learnt a lot about how to operate a multi-camera television studio and how to create great content, and we've also come to appreciate just how important it is to have some laughter in your life! We have some ambitious ideas in mind for creating this show, such as building miniatures for the opening sequence, and need your donation to make this a reality.

'Nineteen Eighty-Three and a Third' is a really unique British comedy that is hilarious, and is important to us because of how it shows the current state of our world today through the setting of Good Britain, and the sinister, totalitarian government that rules it behind a benevolent facade. 

Your Donation

Your donation will be crucial to making 'Nineteen Eighty-Three and a Third'. We need to raise £2500 to directly go towards the costs of production, so this series can be the best it can be. The budget will be spent on the following:

  • Set Construction: £900
  • Cast and Crew Travel: £450
  • Props and Set Dressing: £600
  • Miniature Construction: £100
  • Catering: £150
  • Wardrobe and Makeup: £200
  • Contingency: £100

To give thanks to everyone who donates, we have some amazing reward tiers, so please have a look!

Social Media

Follow us on social media where we will give regular updates on how the show is progressing, and give you a glimpse into the world of Good Britain.

Help us succeed!

Please consider donating to our project! A little money can go a long way to helping us succeed. Even if you can't spare the money, you can help by spreading word of 'Nineteen Eighty-Three and a Third' by sharing this project on your social media, or by contacting anyone you think might be interested. Thank you so much!