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Alright Pet?

A project by: Erika Budd



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Meet the people who organise christenings, weddings, divorces and funerals… for their PETS.

who are we?

We are a group of third year Film and Television Production students from the University of York. We are currently in the process of planning our short film project, which is one of the main projects for our degree.

Collectively, as a group, we have worked on many documentaries, factual television programmes and fictional films. We believe we have the tools in place to represent these extraordinary pet events in a visually spectacular and narratively delicate way. Our previous films have had some great success and have been included in the Gala Screening for LUMA Film Festival and the Royal Television Society Awards (RTS). Our producer has recently won 1st runner up award in the documentary category at this year's RTS Yorkshire Student Awards for her second year documentary.

narrative arc- "The circle of life"

This documentary in essence will explore the beautiful life cycle we all experience as humans: births, marriages and deaths. Narratively, we will aim to delve deeper past the ceremonies themselves. Whether it be a tragedy or a joyous occasion we have all experienced these emotions. Our pets mean so much to us, so why is it so unusual and almost taboo for owners to express this love through a humanised event?

contributors *drum role*

Locations and people confirmed for the documentary:

-The only wedding centre in the UK that specifically caters for pet marriages.

-The largest pet funeral service company in the UK.

-A Reverand who specialises in pet christenings.

-A world record breaking £20,000 pet wedding (with some famous faces some of you might recognise.. here is a clue: they have appeared on the likes of The Today Show in America and This Morning in the UK).

....And more to come!

Where will the money go? 

All our content is contributor based. We aim to travel around the UK, in search of these rare, endearing and passionate individuals who go to such extremes for their pets. We will receive £500 from our fantastic department however we need to raise the rest ourselves!

Here is our estimated budget breakdown:

- Travel (van hire & petrol): £900

=This includes £430 van hire for six days and an estimated £470 petrol needed to travel to locations such as Peterborough, Northampton, London and more)

- Talent Expenses: £150

=Each contributor interviewed will be given a small incentive/thank you for taking part. This sum also includes a booking fee for the celebrity dog and its owner we will interview.

- Catering: £200

- Printing costs (200 A5 flyer copies): £52

-Contingency: £200


Help us succeed! 

We can't wait to make this film, however it won't reach its full creative potential without your help! The success of this film requires a lot of travelling around the UK in order to reach our unique contributors, with their unbelievable stories. We simply will not be able to interview these contributors without your help. Any donation would be incredibly appreciated.

Please also share this project with anyone you think would support us via our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages. Thank you!