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Branch Out

A project by: Christine Saunders


WE RAISED £1,106

from 16 donors

This project received pledges on Thu 30 Apr 2015
9 years, 1 month ago

Afternoon guys!

So I can only apologise I haven't been updating on here - most of my attention has been on social media up until now!

So...goodness me, we've done well. 20 days left and we hit our minimum because of all your wondrous donations. I can tell you my blood pressure didn't go down for a good many days after that!

Luckily, many people have told me that they are willing to donate after their student loans/payslips come in - so we'll be getting some more yet.

One final thing, thank you to all my beautiful helpers, who have been spreading the word and ensuring that we get donations and awareness - our Branch Out facebook page has had over 30 new views in the last two weeks!

Here's to a new update soon, - if my essays will allow me haha!

Christine x