Christmas Stocking Appeal 2021

A project by: Fran Hornsby


WE RAISED £3,465

from 166 donors

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A fantastic initiative - well done!

A really great project- do let us know if you feel it should/could be expanded in any way.

What a fabulous way to support our Students.

Wishing our independent students here at York a happy festive season and sending thanks to those who have organised this initiative.

After a lifetime of working in the In Care sector I appreciate how hard Christmas can be for these students

What a wonderful initiative

A fantastic initiative!

A wonderful initiative - thank you so much for organising. To our students, thank you for choosing the University of York - we very much value you.

What a great project, these students need as much support as possible. It's great that you're organising it

This is a wonderful project and something close to my heart as I support young people in care/care leavers to raise their aspirations. I hope you raise the required amount to ensure the students receive great Christmas stockings.

Wishing all independent students a very happy Christmas <3

This is a really great initiative which clearly has a huge impact. Wishing all the independent students at York a wonderful festive season.

Such a fantastic initiative that really makes a difference to our independent students.

Such a fantastic project - good luck with the fundraising.

Such a wonderful campaign, that makes such a huge difference to our independent students. Wishing all students a happy festive season.

Wishing all our independent students a happy and restful winter break!