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Family Game Night

A project by: Maddie Kane


WE RAISED £2,225

from 45 donors

A 60's inspired game show where family members compete on a life-sized board game!

Family Game Night!

We are raising £2,500 to create our incredible television show, Family Game Night! This money will help us create stunning sets and props which are reminiscent of 60s television game shows, pay for someone to compose music for the show and more!

This game show will see three family members competing against each other on a life sized board game, answering trivia questions and playing mini games in order to win the FGM trophy.

Meet the team

This is the amazing team behind Family Game Night; we've got big plans to put together a bright, nostalgic and entertaining watch!

OUR story

What are we doing?

Family Game Night is reminiscent of playing board games with your family and of old television game shows, we want to create a unique and colourful show that brings families together. We are doing this as our final year project so we want it to be off the scale!

Why is it important?

It is a project we feel passionately about and we want to create the show to help people reconnect and feel the fun nostalgia of old game shows. The project is vital not only for us to graduate in the summer, but to gain some important experience that will help us in our future careers!

Why do we need your help?

By donating to our project you will help our show come to life! Which will in turn allow us to not only be able to create our incredible set but also allow us to compensate the contestants. This project will not be possible without your help, so please help us to reach our target!

Where will the money go?

  • £1200 will go towards building our 1960's style set and creating the boardgame.
  • £500 will go towards props for the mini games and costumes.
  • £600 will go towards compensating our host and contributors.
  • £100 will go towards a composer to write the theme music.
  • The remaining funds will go towards keeping our talent and crew well-fed and happy, as well as going towards promotions, festivals and merchandise!


To thank you for your donation, we have some great rewards on offer so make sure to check out them out!

Find us here

Instagram - @family_game_night

TikTok @family.game.night5

Help us succeed!

We appreciate every donation that goes towards our project - no matter the size! However, you don’t need to donate to help our project succeed! You can share our page to others, the more people who see our amazing project, the more possible donations we can receive.