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I Stand For Us

A project by: Charlotte Hughes


WE RAISED £2,520

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This project received donations on Wed 08 Jan 2020
If we're outside, something's wrong inside. Please support our film.

Our project?

When Naomi refuses to be exploited in her oppressive cleaning job, she must convince her colleagues to stand up and demand their right to be treated like a human being, or walk out and risk losing everything - her job, family, and livelihood.  

I Stand For Us is a social realist drama about solidarity, unity, and injustice. Set in Yorkshire, the film follows a team of hotel housekeepers faced with a destructive working contract.

To ensure this valuable story is told, we need your help and support. By donating to this project you will enable us to shed light on a real story about real people.

Who are WE?

We are a team of seven passionate and dedicated students from the University of York, embarking on our most ambitious production yet. Having had experience in several films already in both personal and professional projects, your support will allow us to achieve a film to be proud of.

WhEre will your money go?

Every pound received will be used to its full potential to bring this story that needs to be told to life.

Location - £700

 We will be using luxurious hotels to contrast the unglamorous behind-the-scenes of the cleaning industry, and renting these locations will allow us to show the key disparities in wealth that are fundamental to the story.

Transport - £500

 Filming throughout Yorkshire, we will need means to transport our kit, crew, and cast. This will cover not only car and van rental, but fuel as well.

Catering - £400

 Especially for long days of shooting, we need to make sure everyone has energy through the day! Just a £10 donation means the whole crew can end the day with a nice cuppa!

Production Design - £850

 In order to recreate the world in which these characters live, we will need to invest into realistic costumes, set dressing, props etc… We want to portray these environments as accurately as possible, and so our production design will be key for immersion.

Talent Expenses – £200

 Sourcing talent from across Yorkshire, we will need to cover the costs of our actors and actresses.

Contingency - £300

 In the unlikely event that an unforeseen situation arises, we will keep money aside to ensure the shoot continues to run smoothly.

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