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More Than Mates - An LGBTQ Short Film

A project by: Oliver Spalding



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This project received pledges on Thu 06 Sep 2018
Help us make this short film about the trials and tribulations of truth, denial and acceptance.

'more than mates' - an lgbtq short film

Hi everyone. My name's Oliver Spalding and I'm studying Digital Film and Television Production. As I reach the end of this course, I want to take advantage of the access to the Department of Film, Theatre and Television's wonderful equipment and facilities for a final time by making a very personal short film which explores the themes of truth, denial and acceptance. 'More Than Mates' (a working title) tells the story of two men in their twilight years each coming to terms - albeit in very separate ways - with the realities and consequences of their adulterous relationship. I want to raise £1000 so that we can tell this story as stylishly and effectively as possible. I've gathered together a cast and crew who are all willing to work on the production for expenses only but there is still a few things we need to spend money on if we want this project to be a success. If you're able to donate any amount - large or small - to help us with this production, we'll be extremely grateful and will acknowledge any contribution over £5 with a credit in the film.

Writer / Director

Oliver James Spalding is a writer and director currently studying Digital Film and Television Production at the University of York. His work explores the complexity of human relationships and demonstrates a compellingly naturalistic writing style.


Alan Stuart ( Jimmy ) is best known for his role as al thorpe in 'Lad: A yorkshire story', a film which won 26 major award at film festivals worldwide. alan is a highly dedicated and very talented character actor  who always brings 110% to his work.

Ian Ray-White ( Carl ) is a passionate and extremely talented actor who has appeared in multiple productions throughout the last five years.

See the video below to learn more about the cast and their characters:

The story

  • 'More Than Mates' (a working title) tells the story of two senior men who, one morning, have a heated discussion about the true nature of their adulterous relationship. The film explores themes of sexuality, the human capacity for denial and acceptance of self.
  • This project is important to me as I feel as though, despite the rise in LGBTQ cinema in recent years, LGBT seniors is a rarely explored and very much underrepresented subject.
  • By donating money and sharing our crowdfunding campaign, you will help us create this unique and important short film so please contribute in whatever way you can.


Every donation over £5 will receive a credit in the film so if you want to see your name at the end of the film in some capacity, please donate today!

Help us succeed!

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  • We know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us today and help us make this film. Thank you.